Origins of Common Wedding Traditions


You may not believe the reasons behind some of the most common wedding traditions. Want to know the origins behind a tradition not mentioned here? Shoot us an email and we will find out for you. 

Bridal Shower

Traditionally, a dowry was required for the family of the Bride to give to the Groom in order to get her married. Along with wedding expenses, this could get pricey. 

In order to help the Bride and her family with this, friends of the Bride would come together and "shower" her with gifts (especially essential items she would need) and money. 

This also explains why there are no "Groom Showers." They never had to pay dowries. 

Now Bridal Showers have become a mandatory event before the wedding. Who doesn't love a Girls Night?


Kaleeray  (or Kalerein) are traditional Jewellery pieces worn in some Indian Weddings. Commonly, there is 1 set per side tied to a bangle. 

A long time ago, the Bride had to travel in a Palanquin after the wedding to her new home with her Husband. The location of the Groom's house was usually far and sometimes took several days to get to. 

To help the Bride during this journey, her family would tie half-cut coconuts and dried fruit to her bangles so she could eat them on her way. It was also a sign of bringing luck and fortune to her new home. 

Bridal Bouquet

In earlier times, Bride's were seen as targets for anyone trying to cast an "evil-eye" or bad-luck spell. 

To ward off these evil spirits, a Bride carried a bunch of herbs and spices. This included anything with a strong smell such as garlic. Sometimes the Bride would even make a garland out of them and wear it around her neck. 

Not only did this bouquet keep the evil spirits away, it also covered up any unpleasant smells.


Bridesmaids can be a handful, especially if they don't get along. They didn't actually originate from a Bride wanting her friends to wear matching dresses. 

To ward off "evil eyes" and spirits, the Bridesmaids wore the same outfit as the Bride. This would confuse the evil spirits from casting spells on the real Bride. 

We have come a long way since and it slowly changed to the Bridesmaids wearing matching outfits....but not the same as the Bride. After all, which Bride doesn't want her own special dress for the wedding?


If Bridesmaids are there to confuse the evil spirits, why are there Groomsmen and the Best Man. 

Well the Best Man was just that; the Best Man. He had to be the strongest man that the Groom knew. In case something went sideways with the Bride's family not wanting her to marry the Groom or if she changed her mind, the Best Man had to be physically able to take her away anyways. 

As for the Groomsmen, the Best Man needs back-up too.